*Are you an athlete or do you know an athlete that wants to see the field or court more!? Click on the "Athletic Training" tab to learn how Y.A.R.D. can help you get stronger and faster!

*Are you a student or know a student struggling to improve your grades or better understand a specific subject!? Click on the "Academic Coaching" tab to learn how Y.A.R.D. can improve your academics!

What is Y.A.R.D?

Youth Athletics Recreation Development -Y.A.R.D. is a youth focused athletic training and tutoring curriculum with an emphasis on the physical, mental, emotional, and leadership development of young athletes and students. This training will go above and beyond practice time and school curriculum with their team or organziation. We are open to ALL youth athletes and students, offering one on one training and group classes. We also offer physical education classes for students who are either homeschooling, remote learning, or simply want extra structured excerice.

**The Y.A.R.D. Facility is located at 305 Creek St, Yelm, Wa, 98597**