Academic Coaching (Tutoring)

Is your student struggling in a subject or just needing to improve their overall grades?

Our Tutoring Coaches are trained with years of experience in the classroom and can help!

  • We have experience in a wide variety of subjects including basic Spanish
  • One on One or small-group tutoring services are available
  • We offer a FREE one-on-one consultation to get to know you & your student to better understand your needs

Athletic Training

Is your Youth Athlete wanting to get stronger & faster so they can see the field or court more? Unsure where to start, how to properly lift, or want to work on athletic speed?

Personal Training sessions with Coach Dustin have demonstrated proven results in athletic performance!

Babysitting Course

Why does your child need to take a babysitting course?

  • Receive Basic 1st Aid/CPR Certification and card
  • Educate your child in the basic understanding of the different stages of child development
  • Provide examples of age-appropriate activities
  • Discussion of basic food handling and preparation
  • Basic understanding of the babysitting market to include price point and additional basic finances
  • Demonstrate competency through tests and practical exercises

Upon completion of the course, your student will receive recognition on the YARD website and social media as a YARD Certified Babysitter & a certificate of completion

Circuit & Agility

This is a High-Intensity Interval Training HIIT class, to help your athlete or student take their cardio and endurance to the next level

Parent & Me Fitness Class

Are you struggling to find time to workout and find a gym that is welcoming to you & your young child?

This class is led by a Certified Trainer that is patient, understanding, and accepting of the struggles of being a parent who wants to be fit who but has a young child.

  • This will be a general fitness class with new challenges in each class ranging from Yoga/stretching, HIIT, and light basic weight training. Parents of all fitness levels are welcome!
  • While you exercise your child is welcome to play, join the exercise, or sleep! This is a family-friendly class with the flexibility parents need

Physical Engagement (PE)

Wanting to get your student to exercise and socialize after school without the commitment of competitive sports?

This class is led by a Certified Trainer that is patient, understanding, and knowledgeable to help your child learn, exercise and have fun!

  • This class will have a structured warm-up, body weight exercises, fun games, and a structured cool-down.

Resume Rescue

Are you having difficulty getting interviews for your career change?

Coach Michelle has a near 100% success rate when you allow her to write your resume and cover letter!

SAT Prep Class

This is for those students who are getting ready to take the SATs and would like to go into the test with confidence and a plan to help them succeed

Strength & Conditioning

Athletes will be learning how to lift weights properly and take their fitness to the next level

Toddler Play

A fun time for toddlers to play and be active.

Culinary & Basic Finance Programs coming soon!

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